Bosworth Ash

Bosworth Ash is a ripened lactic goats cheese made by Innes Cheese in Staffordshire.  It is hand-made in buckets before being shaped in individual logs and coated with salted vegetable ash. 

The paste of Bosworth Ash is snowy white in colour and has a smooth, dense texture.  Its flavour is bright and grassy with a hint of peppery spice coming from the rind.  This cheese is matured between two and three weeks.    

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Spenwood is a hard, pressed cheese made from unpasteurised ewes' milk.  Its pale yellow paste has a smooth, dense texture and sweet, slightly nutty flavour.  It is reminiscent of Pecorino.  

Taking its name from the Berkshire village from where it originated, Spencer Wood, Spenwood is made by Village Maid Cheese.  It is matured for nine months and has a thin, natural rind.  Spenwood is excellent grated over a pasta dish or risotto.  

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