Burt's Blue

Burt's Blue is a semi-soft blue cheese made in Altrincham, Cheshire.  Named after its maker, Claire Burt, it is handcrafted in small batches using high quality milk from a local dairy.      

Burt's Blue is an "approachable blue" with a bloomy rind of greenish, grey Penicillin Roqueforti mould.  Its paste is off white in colour and luxurious in texture.  It softens with age and can have a faint aroma of mushrooms.  Burt's Blue has a creamy taste with subtle tangy notes from its blue veins and a slightly salty finish. 

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Bosworth Ash

Bosworth Ash is a ripened lactic goats cheese made by Innes Cheese in Staffordshire.  It is hand-made in buckets before being shaped in individual logs and coated with salted vegetable ash. 

The paste of Bosworth Ash is snowy white in colour and has a smooth, dense texture.  Its flavour is bright and grassy with a hint of peppery spice coming from the rind.  This cheese is matured between two and three weeks.    

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Spenwood is a hard, pressed cheese made from unpasteurised ewes' milk.  Its pale yellow paste has a smooth, dense texture and sweet, slightly nutty flavour.  It is reminiscent of Pecorino.  

Taking its name from the Berkshire village from where it originated, Spencer Wood, Spenwood is made by Village Maid Cheese.  It is matured for nine months and has a thin, natural rind.  Spenwood is excellent grated over a pasta dish or risotto.  

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Weydeland VSOC Gouda is made in the Woerden region of Holland on the banks of the River Oude Rijn.  Deep orange in colour with visible salt crystals, this extra mature Gouda has been aged for three years.  It has a delicious nutty caramel flavour and long finish, perfectly complemented by a crystalline crunch.      

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Hay on Wye

Hay on Wye is a small disc-shaped lactic goats cheese made from pasteurised goats milk. 

Modelled on the French cheese Selles-sur-Cher, Hay on Wye is produced by Neal's Yard Creamery in Herefordshire.  Its bright white interior has a fine, smooth texture and fresh, creamy taste.  Externally it is coated with edible ash and a sprinkling of Geotrichum mould that develops as the cheese ages.  

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Thelma's Original Caerffili is produced by Caws Cenarth, a family-run business based in Carmarthenshire, South Wales.  

It is a crumbly cow's milk cheese with a distinctive tri-layered cross section.  Its natural mould rind is mottled grey-white in colour and has an earthy, mineral flavour.  Beneath this is a supple, creamy-coloured layer with a mushroomy taste, and a dense white core.  The delicate citrus flavour of this core is characteristic of Caerffili and has an underlying hint of sea salt.   

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Neufchâtel AOC

Love is in the air this February and even in our choice for Cheese of the Month.    

Neufchâtel AOC is an unpasteurised cow's milk cheese produced in the Haute-Normandie region of France.  This soft lactic cheese is well known for its pretty heart shape but can also be found as a small cylinder or brick.  

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A semi-soft and pliant yellow cheese, Ogleshield has a gentle but slightly pungent flavour and a creamy texture. It melts brilliantly and is a perfect cheese for cooking with - a West Country equivalent to Raclette.

Ogleshield is produced by renowned cheddar maker, Jamie Montgomery in Somerset, using unpasteurised milk from his herd of Jersey cows. As it matures it is washed with a special brine every three days to develop its springy consistency and pretty pink rind. 


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Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Good Stilton is an essential part of Christmas, so we decided to make Cropwell Bishop Stilton our December Cheese of the Month.

Handmade in Nottinghamshire, in the heart of Stilton country, Cropwell Bishop has a velvety soft texture.   Its deep complex flavour, with a spicy finish, develops over eight weeks of maturation. The rind is edible and particularly rich in flavour. , 

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Kirkham's Lancashire

Our October Cheese of the Month is Kirkham’s Lancashire - the last traditional raw-milk Lancashire cheese. Kirkham's has a succulent, crumbly texture and a tangy lactic taste.

This cheese carries a lot of moisture and matures quickly, so it is usually sold at about 3-6 months, however we are selling cheeses that have been matured by Neal's Yard Dairy in London for up to a year.  These more mature cheeses are denser and more full-bodied in their flavour with a rich mineral taste. 

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Sinodun Hill

Sinodun Hill is a lactic goat’s cheese, with a sweet almond flavour and smooth texture. It is a beautiful fresh cheese, perfect for summer.

A relatively new cheese, young cheesemakers Fraser Norton & Rachel Yarrow, have been making it in Oxfordshire since 2016. Sinodun Hill won Best New Cheese at the British Cheese Awards in 2017.

Sinodun Hill has the truncated pyramid shape of classic French goat’s cheeses, and a wrinkly golden rind. It is matured over three to four weeks to develop a rich flavour and creamy consistency. 

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Le Gruyère AOP

A much-loved continental cheese, Le Gruyère AOP has been made for centuries with unpasteurised cow’s milk in the western cantons of the Swiss Alps.

A relatively young cheese, aged for six to nine months, its flavour is mildly toasty and sometimes nutty. It has a firm smooth texture and melts quickly on the tongue.  Famed for its leading role in fondu, Le Gruyère is a brilliant cheese in the kitchen as well as on the cheeseboard.

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St Jude

St Jude is a lactic cows’ milk cheese made from unpasteurised milk.  It is produced by award-winning cheesemaker, Julie Cheyney, just outside Bungay on the Suffolk and Norfolk border. It has a delicate rind with complex milky flavours of butter and fresh grass and a dense and creamy texture.

It is a true artisan cheese, handmade, with flavours varying through the seasons due to changes in the milk.

Julie Cheyney will be at Lawson's on Monday 29 May happy to chat to you about St Jude and share her enthusiasm for cheesemaking.

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Appleby's Cheshire

Appleby’s Cheshire is one of the best territorial farmhouse cheeses to be made in this country. It is tasting particularly good this month.

Appleby’s has a balance of rich mineral flavours and acidity with clean, mellow notes. It is open-textured, crumbly but not overly dry. As it matures the flavour becomes more savoury and herbal with a long mouth-watering finish. Our Appleby's Cheshire comes to us from Neal's Yard Dairy and is about four months old by the time it reaches us.

Read on to find out more about what is so special about it.

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Our April Cheese of the Month is Dorstone, an unpasteurised goat’s milk cheese, made in Herefordshire by Neals Yard Creamery. It has a light, smooth texture which becomes firmer as it matures, with a soft citrusy tang and yeasty notes. 

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