Lincolnshire Poacher


Rich, hearty, spicy, nutty, sharp, spirited and buttery, Lincolnshire Poacher is a fine example of a traditional cheddar-style cheese, crossed with an alpine-style cheese. It has a slightly open and smooth texture.    

The Jones family has been making the cheese on their farm in Lincolnshire since 1992. Everything that goes into its production happens on the farm: the grass is grown; the cows are milked; and the cheese is made.  This wonderful video shows you how much care goes into every stage of making Lincolnshire Poacher.

The cheesemaking process, and unpasteurised milk used, produce a cheese which is a wonderful example of how cheese can vary with the seasons and even with each day’s batch of milk. 

This leaves you with an exciting palate of flavours and characteristics to explore, after the cheeses have been matured for between 12 and 18 months.    


Linconlnshire Poacher pairs well with dark ales, full-bodied Viogniers, a fruity Chateauneuf de Pape or a Highland Whisky. Or if you’d prefer to stay off alcohol at lunch time it works beautifully with a cloudy apple juice.  

Enjoy your Lincolnshire Poacher with a slice of fresh green apple and a hot buttered fruit bun.  Delicious!