Perfect partners: cheese and nuts


Here at Slate, not only are we nuts about cheese but we get very excited about nuts with cheese!  

Nuts are one of our favourite accompaniments for cheese: their crunchy, dense texture and rich flavours are complementary to many styles of cheese.  We offer a pick and mix selection of different varieties as a brilliant addition to any cheeseboard, a garnish for salads, or simply to enjoy as a healthy, protein-packed snack.



Walnuts have an earthy flavour and drier texture, which is delicious with aged cheeses such as Montogmery's cheddar and our local cheddar-style Shipcord.  They also work well with sheep's milk cheeses such as Pecorino and turn soft goat's milk cheeses such as Dorstone into a real treat particularly when drizzled with honey. 



Almonds also sit well with the complex flavour of harder, aged cheeses such cheddar and Lincolnshire Poacher, especially when combined with a refreshing slice of apple.  For a twist we also have salted Marcona almonds, which are the perfect companion to any Spanish cheese; and for a bit of extra bite, try spicy Harissa almonds packed with flavour.  


Pecans and Cashews

Both pecans and cashew nuts have a milder, creamy flavour.  Their natural sweetness compliments the saltiness of cheese.  Raw pecans add crunch to creamy brie-style cheeses such as our locally produced Baron Bigod from Fen Farm Dairy.  And both pecans and cashews pair well with blue cheeses such as Stilton, Norfolk's Binham Blue and the hugely popular Gorgonzola Dolce that we scoop out into pots here at Slate.  



The final nuts to try from our Nut Bar are pistachios.  Their subtle green and purple appearance will add a beautiful hint of colour to your cheeseboard.  They look and taste best with light, creamy cheeses such as fresh goats cheese and triple-creme cheeses such as Delice de Bourgogne.   

Enjoy these suggestions and discover some unexpected pairings of your own, a handful of nuts will always enhance the flavour and texture of cheese.