New Spanish Charcuterie


The Spanish approach to tapas or shared plates has become a really popular way to eat here.  A board of Manchego cheese with some Iberico ham or chorizo makes a perfect lunch or first course for a dinner party.   We are excited to have added authentic Spanish charcuterie to our range at Lawson’s from specialist importers The Spanish Hamper, who source top quality artisan Spanish food.


Chorizo, with its deep red colour from pimentón (paprika), is perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable Spanish foods.  Chorizo is made to many different recipes all over Spain and can be either dulce (mild) or picante (spicy).  

We have sourced cured chorizo made using traditional methods with the best quality pork and natural animal casings in Segovia, Central Spain. Our range of three chorizos comes vacuum-packed and will keep well.  We have:

  • Chorizo Dulce made with smoked sweet paprika. It is delicious eaten on its own or added to meat or bean casseroles to give richness and flavour.
  • Chorizo Picante made with smoked spicy paprika. This chorizo will add a bit of fire to your tapas. It is excellent fired quickly in a hot pan and served with green leaves.
  • Chorizo Blanco is marinated in pepper rather than pimentón.  It is, perhaps, less well known but follows an older recipe that predates the arrival of peppers from the New World.

Ibérico Jamon de Bellota

Ibérico ham is the most sought after Spanish ham with a decadently rich nutty flavour.  This ham is cured for three years and comes from free-range, acorn-fed pedigree Ibérico pigs (as the demand for Ibérico ham grows some comes from indoor reared animals fed on processed feed). The ancient breed of  Ibérico pigs is sometimes known as ‘pata negra’ a reference to their black hooves and often skin (which protects them from the power of the Spanish sun).
Our Ibérico Jamon comes sliced and ready for use.  We recommend serving the ham at room temperature to really appreciate its intense flavour.  It is delicious on its own, with good bread or wrapped around a slice of melon.  Our particular favourite is to toast the bread, rub it with garlic and a halved tomato then drizzle the bread with good quality olive oil before topping with the ham.

Lomo Ibérico Jamon de Bellota

Lomo is a dry cured pork sausage made from the pigs’ loin and cured for four months in sea salt, garlic and paprika to enhance rather than dominate the flavour of the meat.

Our Lomo comes from Guijuelo, a town in Western Spain renowned for its cured meat.  It is made with meat from free range Iberico pigs which roam the upland oak meadows.

In Spain Lomo is considered a delicacy and usually served on a plate on its own or drizzled with olive oil. It pairs well with Manchego and Membrillo.

If you would like to know more about our new Spanish charcuterie do call into Lawson’s . We will be pleased to tell you more about them.