Pairing cheese and wine with top tips from Adnams Aldeburgh

C&W bottles and cheeseboard.jpg

Discovering a great wine match for a favourite cheese is such joy!  The flavours, acidity and balance of a perfectly paired wine can lift the cheese to make it taste extremely special and indeed memorable.  

We've caught up with the brilliant team over the road at Adnams Aldeburgh to learn their top tips for choosing wine to perfectly complement a cheeseboard from Slate. 

1. If you don't normally drink it, don't buy it!

It's all well and good to ask a professional for suggestions on what wines go with cheese, but the truth is if they recommend something you would not normally drink or a wine you may even dislike, that pairing is not going to make you miraculously enjoy it. 

2.  Keep going with a bit of trial and error. 

Everyone is different - finding what works for you could be completely different to what works for someone else.  Keep experimenting until you find the right match that makes your palate go zing!

3. Don't be afraid to match the unusual.

If a particular cheese suggests having a red wine as its "perfect" match, don't be afraid to find a white wine that has similar qualities.  For example a classic (and delicious) match with blue cheese is port.  However blue cheese can be tangy so why not enjoy it with something sweet.  For example, Slate's creamy Gorgonzola Dolce tastes wonderful with a Sauternes.

4. Focus on one flavour of the cheese.  

If you are really struggling to find a wine that goes with a particular cheese then don't be afraid to focus on one characteristic of that cheese.  Typically if you can match one flavour with a wine then everything else will fall into place.

5. Have fun!

Don't know what to pair with your cheese then don't fear! We have always found that a selection of wine on the table with an array of cheeses is a lot more fun. Just pour a glass, munch some cheese and have a sip. If that doesn't work repeat the process with another wine.  As the night progresses the matches get more wacky and before you know it you will have found the ideal combination, oh and possibly a headache!