Pump Street Bakery Bread


Pump Street Bakery Bread

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Pump Street Bakery's sourdough bread is justifiably famous in Suffolk and beyond. Cultivated with natural yeasts, the breads are baked on the oven floor to create the ultimate crust.

Pump Street Bakery bread is available to order 48 hours or more in advance.

Type of loaf:
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Baked fresh at the bakery in Orford and ready to collect from Aldeburgh by 9am.
Please allow at least 48 hours from placing your order to collection.
Pump Street Bakery products are NOT available on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Pump Street Bread is not available for collection in Southwold.
You will be asked to specify a collection date at the checkout. At this time we are unable to offer a home delivery service.
For more information please read our FAQs page >

White Sourdough

Pump Street's recently re-invented white sourdough with an even more crusty exterior and an open, moist crumb.  Available as a small round or large long loaf. Perfect with savoury foods or makes great toast with jam and butter. Will keep well, especially uncut. (Allergens: Wheat flour)

Small round (400g): £2.60; Large long (800g): £4.10.


A traditional French baguette made with sourdough starter for flavour and baker’s yeast. (Allergens: Wheat flour)


Cherry & Walnut Sourdough

Made with Californian sour cherries and walnuts. (Allergens: Wheatflour, Walnuts)


Seeded Sourdough

Classic white sourdough mixed with a variety of seeds both in the dough and on the exterior. Available as small or large loaf. (Allergens: Wheat flour, Sesame seeds, 0ats)

Small long (400g): £2.80; Large long (900g): £4.10.

Brown Sourdough

Classic brown sourdough made with white flour and wholewheat flour. It is toasty, moist and not heavy. Small or large. (Allergens: Wheat flour)

Small round (400g): £2.60; Large long (800g): £4.10.

Rye 40%    

A small, nutty sourdough loaf made with 40% rye flour and 60% wheat flour. (Allergens: Wheatflour, Rye Flour, Rye Grain)


Rye 100%

Made without wheat flour, this is 100% rye flour and made with a rye sourdough starter. (Allergens: Rye Flour)


Precaution: Pump Street Bakery products may contain traces of nuts as they are not made in a nut-free environment.